SpeedyShark celebrates the mysterious and historic connection between cycling and coffee

Here at SpeedyShark we wanted to create an authentic Espresso cup set which would capture and celebrate some of cycling’s iconic sporting moments that have taken place around the French Alps.

There is a mysterious and historic connection between cycling and coffee.

Cyclists have long gathered at cafes – before, during and after a ride. The “café PIT stop” is an integral and important part of any Saturday or Sunday club run for many amateur or even professional riders. It may have something to do with the unique pleasure of firing up the body with a shot of coffee before applying power to the pedals and finding the road of freedom.

Italian Espresso-style coffee is a cultural habit that has spread across the globe and has created a specialty coffee revolution within and around the world of cycling!

One of my regular training routes in Southern Spain is blessed by the aroma of fresh coffee and mouth-watering pastries which is highly welcomed after a long day in the saddle.

As I’m sure you are aware, coffee contains one of the few performance-enhancing stimulants that is currently still legal to take within the world of professional sport, this being caffeine. There are lots of questions regarding how much you would need to drink in order to benefit from increased human performance, but studies have shown that everybody reacts differently to varying amounts of caffeine, so it’s not as simple as you may think! Maybe Mr Armstrong should have stuck to drinking coffee!!!

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